Mark Ronson is gushing about his longtime collaborator, Lady Gaga.

During Apple TV’s docu-series “Watch The Sound With Mark Ronson”, the Oscar-winning music producer spoke about creating the “A Star Is Born” anthem “Shallow” with Gaga.

According to Ronson, the most powerful instrument in recorded music is the human voice and used Gaga’s powerhouse vocals as his evidence.

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“‘Shallow’ is a rare case of a record where I wrote but I didn’t actually end up producing. So I was just there in the writing process. It was kind of a blur that day or two days we worked on it,” he explained.

Adding “She came into the studio, and I think she sat at the piano first. She’s like, ‘I got an idea.’ And I think she had a few chords. As soon as she sang that song in that soft broken way and her voice, like all the hairs stood up. The voice. There’s nothing in the world like it.”

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Ronson was later asked what could happen if Auto-Tune was applied to Gaga’s vocals, “It sounds pretty perfect to me,” he said, “But we could just try it.”

But when the Auto-Tune was added, it only distorted Gaga’s voice.

“It’s not really doing much at all, because her pitch is so on that the Auto-Tune is not – it doesn’t have anything to correct,” he said. “You can tell, it’s just kind of bored.”

“Watch The Sound With Mark Ronson” is streaming now on AppleTV.