The sudden rise of fame after starring in “Grey’s Anatomy” was “traumatic” for Sandra Oh.

Even though the Canadian star had a healthy list of acting credits under her belt, the sudden popularity of the medical drama made her a household name.

In a preview of Oh’s interview on “Sunday Today With Willie Geist”, Oh opened up about the loss of “privacy” and how it affected her mental health.

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“To be perfectly honest, it was traumatic. It was traumatic,” Oh recalled of “Grey’s” quick success. “And the reason why I’m saying that is the circumstances you need to do your work is with a lot of privacy. So when one loses one’s anonymity, you have to build skills to still try and be real. I went from not being able to go out, like, hiding in restaurants, to then being able to manage attention, manage expectation, while not losing the sense of self.”

“The Chair” star said two things helped her find a balance– setting boundaries and having “a good therapist.”

“I’m not joking,” Oh added of having a therapist. “It’s very, very important.”

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As for that work/life balance– “You just have to work at finding your way to stay grounded. And a lot of times that’s by saying no.”

Oh played Christina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” from 2005 to 2014, but it wasn’t the pressure that made her leave. Instead, she said it was “a deeply creative decision.”

Oh’s full interview on “Sunday Today” will air Aug. 29.