No drama here.

Fans first thought Dave Bautista was shading his fellow WWE wrestlers turned actors when he shut down a fan suggestion of him starring in a film with Dwayne Johnson and John Cena.

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“Nah, I’m good,” Bautista tweeted at the time, later adding, “I figured a visual reference might help. I’d just prefer not to be lumped in. Nothing personal.”

But Cena completely understands where the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” star is coming from.

In Esquire‘s series “Explain This”, Cena said he gets why Bautista doesn’t want to be “lumped in” even if he would be up for a movie together.

“I’m super sad about that, because Dave Bautista is an unbelievably gifted actor,” Cena said. “He’s done some amazing work. But I think when someone makes a statement like that, I think the important thing is to try and look at things from their perspective. Dave has worked so hard on his craft. And he is so dedicated to his characters. And really wants to put forth a body of work that gives him his own identity. I 100 per cent understand that.”

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Cena went on to call Bautista one of the “most generous guys you’ll ever meet”, adding there is no “beef” between them.

“He really just wants to be identified and recognized for his work. And I cannot fault him for that,” Cena said. “I applaud him for it. To be brave enough to say something like that kind of allows him to go forth on his own and I appreciate that.”