Much to the delight of fans, “Manifest” has been saved.

Netflix’s missing plane drama will return for a fourth and final season consisting of 20 episodes split up.

In a special tribute to fans who rallied to save the show about the mysterious Flight 828, the news of the renewal came on Aug. 28 (8/28) a.k.a “828 Day”.

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“Couldn’t let a day as significant as today go uncelebrated,” Netflix tweeted. “‘Manifest’ will officially return for a super-sized fourth and final season, only on Netflix!”

Deadline reports the stars Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh and J.R. Ramirez will return, while Parveen Kaur is still in negotiations — but all with “sizable pay increases.”

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, “Manifest” creator Jeff Rake admitted he’s been experiencing “such a combination of emotions, from gratitude to humility to shock and awe and incredible excitement” since Netflix picked up the show. “It’s been a spectrum of emotions from June, when we got the bad news, to July, when we started sniffing the possibility of a future for us. Then there was a month of uncertainty where it looked like something might come together, but there were many hurdles to jump and so you manage your expectations. You’re hoping for the best but don’t want to go through a second round of disappointment. Thankfully I’ve had colleagues and family to accompany me along this journey, but the result is so incredible.”

Rake was also adamant that the shift from NBC to Netflix won’t bring about any changes to the series.

“They’ve made it quite clear that they want us to keep making the same show that we’ve been making,” he said of Netflix. “The audience shouldn’t be concerned that the tone of the show is going to shift, or the method of storytelling is going to shift. We’re going to keep making the show that everyone fell in love with.”

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Following the news of Netflix’s pickup, #SaveManifest was celebrated on social media as fans and the cast and crew celebrated: