“Bachelor In Paradise” star Maurissa Gunn isn’t going to let trolls shame her.

After first appearing on Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor”, Gunn headed to the beach where she and Riley Christian hit it off.

During the Aug. 24 episode, the two headed off to the Boom Boom Room where the show alluded to the fact they had sex on their first date.

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Addressing the moment and her critics, Gunn turned to Instagram.

“I don’t need to explain what I said, because I said it with conviction… However, there are other women that may not be as nonchalant or as indifferent as I am, to handle the kind of criticism that I’ve been receiving, and it’s not okay,” she captioned a video where she answered questions about being sex positive.

“To my next point, it’s OK FOR WOMEN TO LIKE SEX! Sex is a 2 person act, so there shouldn’t be a double standard regarding which gender can openly like it, and which gender should be timid about their enjoyment,” she added.

Gunn said it was “even harder to believe” how most of the backlash was coming from other women.

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“It’s already hard enough being a woman in today’s society, so we as women should do everything to lift each other up rather than bring each other down,” she concluded.

Christian hasn’t said much about their possible relationship but did caption pictures from their date, saying it was “something special.”