Fox News‘ weather reporter Robert Ray warned viewers “this is no joke” as he demonstrated how powerful the winds were in New Orleans as Hurricane Ida battered Louisiana.

Ray explained how he and his crew had to take shelter in a New Orleans parking garage, before he stepped outside to show viewers just how strong the winds were.

Ray shared: “We’ve had gusts up to almost 90 miles an hour, sustained over 60. The second I step out, you’re gonna see…” before struggling to get back inside.

He insisted, “This is no joke, folks.”

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Ray went on: “Everything outside in New Orleans right now in many spots is unravelling, falling apart.

“We’ve seen for the past three or four hours… Aluminum coming off buildings, the streets — just stuff starting to move off of people’s homes.”

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Urging people to stay home, Ray said: “Very serious situation here right now.

“If anyone is out there they need to get into shelter, cannot stress it enough, as this storm is just battering New Orleans right now.”

According to the BBC, winds got up to 240km/h (150mph) and has left over a million without power.