Lance Bass has big ideas for the future of Bachelor Nation.

Bass, 42, serves as one of the rotating guest hosts for the current season of “Bachelor in Paradise”. The *NSYNC member is a lifelong Bachelor Nation fan and had a blast hosting a few episodes of season seven. Bass, who has been married to husband Michael Turchin 2014, suggested a new direction for the franchise.

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“If you want the most dramatic season ever, do an LGBT version,” Bass told Variety. “I think maybe it’s the time for ‘The Bachelor’ to do a gay Bachelor. I think that would be so much fun… And I definitely know a host if you need it.

“I have not talked to anyone about that, but I would be so down,” he said of hosting the spin-off. “I have been part of Bachelor Nation since Season 1… I’ve watched every season of ‘Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette,’ and when ‘Paradise’ came about, it really changed everything for me because it’s just the ultimate in the franchise.”

Bass had a peak behind the curtain as a host of “Bachelor in Paradise”, but he doesn’t have too many spoilers to dish out.

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“They even keep it from me, which I love as a viewer. I want to be surprised, too, so I can’t wait to watch it to see how things turn out,” he shared. “I have a lot of hopes for some of these couples and I feel a responsibility for a couple of these people falling in love.”

Bass’ three-episode run on season seven of “Bachelor in Paradise” host concludes on Tuesday.