With “The View” searching for a new co-host, Eboni K. Williams would be happy to take the job.

Appearing this week on the podcast “Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef”, the “Real Housewives of New York” star was asked about whether she’d like to host “The View”.

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“You know, ‘The View’ is an institution. I mean, I am an old school Barbara Walters, ’20/20′ fan. It’s an incredible platform,” Williams said.

“I guess the short answer is that would be something I would be extremely excited to have a conversation about because the topics on there are so important,” she continued. “I think the conversation of people that do have different points of view and, David, here’s the hard part, right? The ability to sit with one another’s perspectives without sitting to respond, but sitting to listen, going back to that skill.”

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She added, “We learn in law school the ability to listen and not just only be stuck in your argument, but be open to just some level of fluidity in your thinking in your unconscious bias. So I think all of those things are pretty unique opportunities on a platform like ‘The View’ and could be interesting.”

The new season of “The View” is set to premiere next month, with a series of guest co-hosts filling the space left behind by Meghan McCain, who left the show earlier this summer.