Hailey Bieber started off the week by making sure her hydration levels were fully in check. 

The supermodel took to Instagram to give fans a glimpse of her Monday self-care routine.

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The series of photos show the 24-year-old posing with a large glass of water in her hand.

“Monday plans = hydrate + hydrate +hydrate,” wrote Justin Bieber’s other-half in her caption. 

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Mrs Bieber showcased her toned physique while wearing a crop top teamed with matching underwear. She finished her look with a pair of orange trainers and dark sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Bieber’s face was spotted in white cream, which could suggest that her forthcoming Rhode skincare line is about to drop very soon. 

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The daughter of Alec Baldwin recently discussed the topic of nude photoshoots on her new YouTube series, “A Conversation With”.

“I think I also take a place where I’m like, ‘OK, I wouldn’t ever want to be shot naked,’ but props to any woman that’s comfortable doing that,” she shared.