Bob Odenkirk is back at work after suffering a heart attack during the summer on the Albuquerque, New Mexico, set of “Better Call Saul”.

On Wednesday, the actor posted the good news on Twitter that he’s back on set, sharing a photo of himself in the makeup chair.

The news comes after Odenkirk appeared to be doing well in a photo shared by longtime friend and comedy partner David Cross late last month on Instagram.

In the pic — which ET has confirmed was taken recently — Cross and Odenkirk (who starred in and wrote their cult-hit HBO sketch series “Mr. Show”) are seen having a conversation in what appears to be a restaurant or coffee shop.

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“Pitching Bob a show about a best friend that almost dies and then after he makes a full recovery, vows to pay for all of his friend’s drinks forever,” Cross joked in the caption.

Among the numerous comments to the past was one from Cross’ wife, actress Amber Tamblyn, who wrote, “Poor bob just had to sit there and take it as david said ‘I love you, man’ over and over and over again.”

On July 27, Odenkirk was hospitalized after collapsing on the set of “Better Call Saul” due to what was initially described as a “heart-related incident,” and was later revealed to be a “small heart attack.”

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Days after the hospitalization, Cross updated fans on Odenkirk’s condition.