Thandiwe Newton is interested in attaching herself to a superhero movie now that film’s in the genre are offering more.

Newton (“Crash”, “The Pursuit of Happyness”) recently told LAD Bible she once turned down a role in the superhero space because the role was “someone’s mum who just dies… I was like, ‘Meh, no.’ It was more the role, you know what I mean?”

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Newton, 48, found superhero movies creatively dull; however, a new wave of caped crusaders are leading the charge for cinema with more substance.

“As a genre they bore me, these big franchises, and I’m quite cynical about it too, because it’s just about money; it’s this behemoth of money that’s just like rolling forward gathering more money, right?” Newton explained.

“But now I feel like there is a demand from both the audience, I think people who are involved in the movies — but certainly the world — that there is better substance around these superhero things.”

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Newton has noticed a shift, however, to superhero projects with more substance and artistic license.

“The perfect example is Taika Waititi, what he did with ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’” she said. “I love that the actors in it really want to push it too — of course they do, it’s boring otherwise, Jesus.”