Stephen Amell is opening about about getting booted off a commercial flight back in June, and admits there’s nobody to blame but himself.

During a recent appearance on Michael Rosenbaum’s “Inside of You” podcast, Amell confronted the elephant in the room.

“I wanted to have just a slight runway here to talk about this because what happened was — and it’s very, very simple — I had too many drinks, and I had too many drinks in a public place. And, I got on a plane,” Amell explained, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

“And the reason that I wanted to talk about it is — and we’ll get to it, eventually this will all make sense — is I was pissed off about something else that had nothing to do with Cass, my wife, and I picked a fight,” he continued, admitting he can’t even remember what he was angry about.

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“I picked a fight because I wanted to be loud and upset. And it was a fight, as in like, it was not an argument. In order to have an argument, two people have to be talking. My wife said one thing the entire time, which was, ‘If you don’t lower your voice, they’re going to ask you to get off the plane.’ That’s the only thing that she said the entire time.”

True to his wife’s prediction, he was approached by a member of the flight crew and asked to leave the plane.

“So, obviously, Cass was 100-per-cent right there. I was being loud. I was probably dropping a few F-bombs… But I was quiet for 10 minutes, a guy came back. Clearly, I had made somebody uncomfortable, and someone had said something, and they just make the decision, ‘You’ve got to get off the plane.'”

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While flying back home on a different flight, he learned that TMZ was about to break the story.

“But then I found out that it was going to come out on TMZ, and when I found that out — and the reason I want to bring that up is because I talked about it, and in my one thing that I said about it on the internet, I referred to it as an argument between my wife and I, and it wasn’t,” Amell clarified, referencing his June 23 tweet.

“It was not an argument… This is 100 per cent my fault,” said the “Heels” star. “Like, I feel like I went the better part of 10 years without being an a**hole in public. I was an a**hole in public.”

In the aftermath, he felt “really, really shameful. And it makes you kind of look in the mirror. And I just realized a couple of things: if people are going to recognize you, don’t necessarily drink in a public place, but more importantly, don’t drink in a public place if you can’t handle your s**t… I think, ultimately [I’m] very ashamed of it. Trying to make amends for it, specifically with my wife.”