Spice Girls are back, thank you very much!

All five members of the iconic girl group – Ginger (Geri Halliwell), Posh (Victoria Beckham), Scary (Mel B), Sporty (Melanie C), and Baby (Emma Bunton) – reunited to announce a special 25th-anniversary rerelease of Spice.

Called Spice 25, the expanded two-CD issue celebrates the quarter-century release of Spice Girl’s debut studio album, which enticed fans on Nov. 4, 1996. It features all the songs from the original LP, bonus tracks, B-sides, and previously unreleased archive recordings.

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“All I ever wanted was to be accepted and to make everyone around me — gay, straight, brown, Black, shy, or loud like me — to feel they can celebrate who they are and to be free to be themselves,” said Mel B. “All I hope, 25 years on, is that message has been heard loud and clear.

“It’s true that in the end love IS all you need, so I thank everyone who has ever bought a Spice Girls record or stood in the rain to greet us or got dressed up in pink, in a tracksuit, a ginger wig, a leopard-print catsuit, or put on Vic’s iconic pout!”

Burton also chimed in on the momentous occasion.

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“From the first wannabe baby steps to conquering the whole world with a team of Spices, thank you doesn’t seem enough to all of you who have supported us, followed in our footsteps, walked in our great big shoes, and who have shared our dreams,” she shared.

“It’s been 25 years of pure magic. Spice Girls forever!”

Spice 25 drops Oct. 29. Pre-orders are available now. See the full track list below.

CD 1:

  1. “Wannabe” (02:53)
  2. “Say You’ll Be There” (03:56)
  3. “2 Become 1” (Single Version) (04:05)
  4. “Love Thing” (03:39)
  5. “Last Time Lover” (04:11)
  6. “Mama” (05:05)
  7. “Who Do You Think You Are” (04:01)
  8. “Something Kinda Funny” (04:05)
  9. “Naked” (04:26)
  10. “If U Can’t Dance” (03:49)

CD 2:

  1. “Wannabe” (Dave Way Alternative Mix) (03:25)
  2. “Say You’ll Be There” (7-inch Radio Mix) (04:09)
  3. “2 Become 1” (Orchestral Version) (04:05)
  4. “Mama” (Biffco Mix) (05:49)
  5. “Love Thing” (12-inch Unlimited Groove Mix) (06:25)
  6. “Take Me Home” (04:07)
  7. “Last Time Lover” (Demo) (04:05)
  8. “Feed Your Love” (04:36)
  9. “If U Can’t Dance” (Demo) (03:36)
  10. “Who Do You Think You Are” (Demo) (03:49)
  11. “One of These Girls” (03:33)
  12. “Shall We Say Goodbye Then?” (00:53)