Dean Unglert admits that describing his partner as suffocating doesn’t come off well.

Unglert recently described his girlfriend Caelynn Miller-Keyes as the “most suffocating” person he’s dated. The conversation came up on the latest episode of “Help! I Suck at Dating”, his podcast with Jared Haibon.

The Bachelor Nation star was splashed with negative criticism over the intense description of his girlfiend. In a followup interview with Us Weekly, Unglert attempted to clear things up.

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“One of the questions was emailed into our podcast about being suffocating,” he said of how the word “suffocating” entered the conversation.

“So that was the word that Jared and I were then using to, you know, kind of like find a common ground with that person that was talking about the suffocating relationship.”

Unglert conceded that it was the wrong word to use, yet continued to tie the word to his experiences with Miller-Keyes.

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“It’s a horrible word, don’t get me wrong. It’s the wrong adjective to use to describe anyone in a relationship,” he acknowledged.

“I was simply saying that in past experiences, I would hate to be suffocated, but with Caelynn, although my instinct is to say, ‘Don’t suffocate me,’ in reality, I’m like, ‘You can suffocate me because I enjoy spending time with you’ sort of thing.”

Unglert and Miller-Keyes recently celebrated their second anniversary.