Given that Chet Hanks is the child of movie stars Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, it’s easy to assume that he grew up in the lap of luxury.

Not so, says the aspiring rapper once known as Chet Haze.

In a video interview for “Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan”, Hanks insists that his life hasn’t been as privileged as people think.

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“It was really kind of a double-edged sword,” he explains.

“People assume I lived this super privileged life, richy rich, and that just wasn’t the case,” he continues.

“It was actually the opposite,” he adds. “They never f**king gave me an allowance. I don’t know if I’m the brokest rich kid or the richest broke kid.”

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He also claims that his famous folks put him on a “short leash growing up,” adding, “When I got caught smoking weed, my mom was in absolute hysterics. It was bad.”

Admitting that he “never” wished he had different parents, he adds, “I just wish I could have been more anonymous.” said.