This week’s eviction episode of “Big Brother” seemed like a fait accompli from the beginning. and that’s exactly how it turned out.

When Head of Household Tiffany nominated Kyland and Sarah Beth to the block, as did anonymous Head of Household Claire, the Cookout appeared to have the strength in numbers to save Kyland and send Sarah Beth packing.

Her fate seemingly sealed, Sarah Beth barely bothered to campaign.

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When the vote finally came down, she stated her case.

“If you’re thinking of evicting me tonight, all I’m asking is that you reconsider for a moment. There are a lot of reasonable, tactical reasons to keep me in the game,” Sarah Beth explained.

“I know if I walk out the the door tonight, some of you are going to look at this moment and you’re going to think, ‘Man, that wasn’t the best decision for my game.’ And I know what it feels like to make a decision and regret it later. It’s awful, and I don’t wish it for any of you. So, please, all I’m asking is please take one more moment to consider what is good and what is safe for your individual game before you make a decision. It is not too late to change your mind,” she added.

Then it was Kyland’s turn, who clearly felt safe. “If you decide, after [our] conversations and everything that’s going on, it is best to keep me, then please do. If you keep this wonderful woman, who I have nothing to say anything bad about, then do that, if it’s best for your game,” he declared, adding. I love you all.”

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When the votes were counted, it was indeed Sarah Beth who became the latest houseguest to join the jury in a 5-1 vote (Tiffany was the sole dissenter). 

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