Anita Baker has triumphed over a legal battle with her former record label over ownership of her master recordings.

On Friday, the silky-voiced singer of such hits as “Sweet Love” and “Caught Up in the Rapture” announced via Twitter that “All My Children Are Coming Home,” and she was once again encouraging fans to stream her music.

Back in March, Baker tweeted that she had “miraculously” out-lived her original artist’s contracts, which stipulate that after 30 years the ownership of the master recordings of her albums legally reverts to her.

However, she noted, the label was not willing to acquiesce, and instead forced her to “Fight 4 it.”

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Now that Baker has won her fight and gained control of her masters, she received a note of congratulations from Taylor Swift.

Swift, as her fans well know, found herself in the midst of a similar struggle over ownership of her masters when her former label was purchased by talent manager Scooter Braun, who took control of her masters and then sold them for a sum reported to be somewhere between $300 million and $450 million.

“What a beautiful moment, CONGRATULATIONS ANITA!!” wrote Swift in her message.