Sarah Silverman is among the many celebrities blasting the Republican-led Texas government’s recent passing of draconian anti-abortion legislation that would criminalize abortion after six weeks — a time when many women may not even realize they’re pregnant — while empowering citizens to become “bounty hunters” who can earn up to $10,000 by ratting out women who’ve terminated pregnancies.

Sarah Silverman spoke to TMZ about what’s been taking place in Texas.

Asked about Bette Midler’s recent suggestion that women refuse to have sex until the law is overturned, Silverman admitted she wasn’t quite onboard with that idea.

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“I enjoy having sex, I’d be biting my nose to spite my face,” Silverman admitted.

“It’s very ‘Handmaid’s Tale’, they’ve been chipping away at women’s rights for years now,” she explained. “This is just the boldest thing so far, but it’s been bad for years.”

As far as calling for a boycott, Silverman recalled the response to similarly draconian legislation in Georgia a few years back, when Hollywood studios pulled their productions out of the state. However, she explained, “that just punishes people who live in Georgia, it punishes the people who live in Texas… it doesn’t hurt the people who are making this policy.”

Ultimately, Silverman sees the legislation as economic warfare on the less fortunate.

“They know rich people can get abortions,” said Silverman. “This is a war on poor people.