R. Kelly had no involvement in Drake’s latest album.

On Sunday, Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib shared a comment on Instagram, clarifying the songwriting credit for R. Kelly on the Certified Lover Boy track “TSU”.

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Responding to a post featuring an Independent headline claiming the “album credits R. Kelly as co-lyricist,” Shebib explained that the controversial singer does not appear on the album.

In the comments, he wrote, “On a song called tsu at the beginning is a sample of OG Ron c talking. Behind that faintly which you can’t even hear is an r Kelly song playing in the background. It has no significance no lyrics are present, r Kelly’s voice isn’t even present but if we wanted to use Ron c talking we were forced to license it.”

Shebib added, “Doesn’t sit well with me let me just say that. And I’m not here to defend drakes lyrics, but I thought I would clear up that there is no actual r Kelly present and it’s a bit misleading to call him a co lyricist.”

The producer also reveals that he was recently reading Kathy Iandoli’s book Baby Girl, about the late singer Aaliyah, which recounts her experience getting married to a 27-year-old Kelly when she was just 15. The marriage was later annulled.

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Calling the stories recounted in the book “horrific and disgusting,” Shebib said, “Then I saw this post and just had to say something because to think we would stand beside that guy or write with him is just incredibly disgusting.”

According to the website WhoSampled, the track “TSU” uses the intro from 1998 single “Half on a Baby”, and Kelly is credited as a songwriter due to the sample, alongside Drake and a number of others.