Social media can be a really positive place.

In a new analysis of social media platforms, TechShielder has put together a lot of the most loved actors on Twitter.

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The analysis was conducted based on share of tweets that were deemed positive, neutral or negative about the stars in question.

Coming out on tup, with a 69 per cent share of positive tweets was “The Morning Show” star Reese Witherspoon.

Following behind her was Chris Hemsworth at 63 per cent, with his Marvel co-stars Chris Evans and Karen Gillan at third and fourth with 62 per cent.

Also featuring on the list are actors Tom Hanks, Gal Gadot and Blake Lively.

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Check out the full list of most loved actors on Twitter below:

1. Reese Witherspoon (69% of tweets are positive)
2. Chris Hemsworth (63%)
3. Chris Evans (62%)
4. Karen Gillan (62%)
5. Tom Hanks (59%)
6. Robert Downey Jr (59%)
7. Leonardo DiCaprio (57%)
8. Gal Gadot (57%)
9. Blake Lively (56%)
10. Anna Kendrick (54%)