Dixie D’Amelio insists she’s not a “rude” person despite some people thinking she is.

The TikTok star appeared on the “Spout” podcast and was asked what the most misunderstood thing about her was.

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The interviewer mentioned how D’Amelio was “so nice in person” and a “bright light,” but people might not always get that impression.

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D’Amelio shared, “Some people say I might have, like, an attitude or, like, I’m rude, and I get it because I do come off that way sometimes, but I’m very sarcastic.

“I feel people are more comfortable when you can joke around with someone so I’ll meet someone and I’ll just joke around and people who support me and I talked to on Twitter, they get it, but if you just see a 15-second video of me, they’re like, ‘Oh my God she’s such a…’

“I just try to be myself and I love joking around with people.”

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D’Amelio also spoke about nabbing several modelling contracts, her high school experience, getting “shipped” by fans, and more.

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