At 48 years old, Monica Lewinsky is telling her side of the story.

On Tuesday’s “Today”, Lewinsky talked about “American Crime Story: Impeachment”, which dramatizes her affair with Bill Clinton and the political scandal that followed.

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“I’m nervous for people to see some of the worst moments of my life and a lot of behaviour that I regret,” she admitted. “If you remember your 20s not that long ago, it’s pretty cringe-worthy.”

Asked if she feels Clinton owes her an apology all these years later, Lewinsky said, “I think there was a long period before my life changed in the last six or seven years where I felt a lot in terms of there not being this resolution. I’m very grateful that I don’t have that feeling anymore.”

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Lewinsky added of a possible apology, “I don’t need it. He should want to apologize, in the same way that I want to apologize any chance I get to people that I’ve hurt and my actions have hurt.”

“American Crime Story: Impeachment” debuts Sept. 7.