Comedians aren’t fans of hecklers, even when the heckling comes in the form of a buzzer.

On Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent”, Kabir Singh delivered yet another standup set, and while he had done well in the past, things went awry this time.

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Singh got off to a reasonably good start but soon the momentum dwindled and the laughs died, and that’s when Simon Cowell hit his red X buzzer.

“Simon, come on! Can I do one more joke? Boo this man!” Singh responded, getting some big laughs in the process and even an amused look from Cowell.

“I tell you why I did that,” Simon explained to Singh afterward. “I think you needed that. It wasn’t going great. I thought by giving you a buzz… I think it made the act better, weirdly.”

Seasoned comedian Howie Mandel wasn’t buying Cowell’s explanation one bit, though.

“Yeah, right. As somebody who does comedy every day, a red buzzer or a boo is a great pat on the back to just go for it!” Mandel then told Singh, “Comedy is hard, and there’s a lot of pressure tonight. You’re always likable. I think that it didn’t go as well as you probably would have loved it to go but that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of people at home that are laughing, and they’ll be the ones that have to vote.”

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Heidi Klum added, “There’s something about you — it’s your face, it’s your smile. It’s infectious. You’re so cute!”

Sofia Vergara, meanwhile, actually agreed more with Cowell’s reaction, telling Singh honestly, “I didn’t like today. I don’t know what happened to you. … There was something in your energy that was weird. … It was a little depressing for me today, and I don’t know why.”

Only five acts from Tuesday’s show will move on to the finals next week.