It’s getting harder and harder to make excuses for staying in.

On Global’s “The Late Show” on Tuesday night, host Stephen Colbert debuted a new song with Jon Batiste & Stay Human to help people come up with excuses to avoid social obligations.

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“The delta variant is surging and COVID cases continue to rise. On the one hand, experts say small groups of all-vaccinated people is a safe way to socialize,” Colbert said. “On the other hand, I don’t want to.

“And I’ve begun to find myself running out of excuses. What about you, Jon, do you always have excuses at hand when someone wants to invite you to go someplace?”

“Oh yeah,” Batiste said. “You gotta have your excuses ready.”

The two then launched into their “hot new jam that is guaranteed to make you dance, and give you all the excuses you need to get you out of going to a dance.”

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Rocking a soul patch and very glam outfit, Colbert and Batiste performed the song in a hilarious music video.

“All my friends are vaccinated/They want to hit the dance floor,” they sang. “But I don’t want put on my outside clothes.”

Some of the excuses include telling everyone your poodle got sick, that you got stuck in quicksand, that you’re possessed by a ghost or that your hair got caught in the door.