Post Malone is thanking the frontline firefighters putting out the wildfires in the South of France.

Not only did the firefighters put out the wildfires spreading across France, but they also saved the rapper’s Maison No. 9 winery.

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According to the BBC, at least 73 wineries were burned down during the spread. The wildfires broke out in mid-August in the Var region, near the South of France.

A rep for Maison No. 9 told Billboard that though “the vineyard was impacted heavily… thankfully, the hardworking firefighters were able to get the blaze under control.”

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To thank the firefighters, Malone and his team, who were paying a visit to the winery this week see the damage, hosted a dinner in their honour.

“[The Team] was saddened to see the damage to the area they’ve grown to love so much but were very thankful to see that their grapes were saved,” the rep continued, via the outlet. “POst and his team were so moved by the firefighter’s hard and brave work.”

Maison No. 9 launched in May and is no available for purchase in Canada.