Alyssa Milano is getting candid about her mental health.

As a way to “erase the stigma”, the actress, 48, shared her diagnosis with her TikTok and Instagram followers.

“My diagnosis is generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks and complex PTS,” she explained in the clip. “So yeah.”

While referring to a comment from a follower on her last video, Milano called out the “hurtful” tone, “I know you probably meant this as something that was going to be derogatory or hurtful but I don’t take it that way.”

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But Milano is thankful to finally have a diagnosis.

“This is how I’m built. This is who I am,” she said. “And I take medication for it. And I’m okay with that.”

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The post was met with a lot of love from her famous friends and fans alike, including Jodi Sweetin, who shared a sweet comment for Milano.

“Thank god for meds!! I’m so thankful for you to speak up about this,” the “Full House” alum wrote. “Why we shame and stigmatize mental illness is so ridiculous. Some people have high blood pressure. I have shit serotonin levels. We both take meds. Big deal.”

Milano captioned her post with the simple phrase, “Erase the stigma.”