Matt Damon was inspired by the late Heath Ledger’s tattoos.

The actor recently chatted to GQ magazine, with the reporter asking about his inkings.

He has his four daughters’ names — Alexia, Isabella, Gia and Stella — written on his right arm, but he revealed that his first tattoo was done in 2013, and there’s a story behind it.

Damon said it was his wife Luciana Barroso’s idea to get the ink, telling the magazine: “She just announced it. We were in our apartment in Manhattan, and she was, like, ‘We’re getting tattoos.’ I was, ‘Okay.’”

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Damon insisted they fulfilled a promise he once made, continuing: “There is a friend of ours who did all of Heath Ledger’s tattoos, and I told him if I ever got a tattoo, he was my first phone call.”

Damon and Ledger, who passed away on January 22, 2008, starred together in the 2005 film “The Brothers Grimm”.

The mag wrote, “That call was duly made and the friend, Scott Campbell, biked over from Brooklyn and freehanded the name ‘Lucy,'” with Damon adding of a loopy line he got inked that same day: “That’s something that Heath had on his arm. Heath was an incredibly restless, creative person.

“Like, I talked to the person who did his hair on ‘The Patriot’ and she said he hated sitting still so much ‘that by the time I got the wig on and I set it and everything, and I’d finished, he’d get up and there would be a sculpture of bobby pins that he’d done.’ He was really sensitive. This stuff just flowed out of him. He was really special.”

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He went on, “I just wanted to get something that Heath had. Scott [the tattoo artist] showed me his laptop and I said, ‘Scott, what’s that one?’ And he goes ‘I have no idea ― I think that’s just some s**t that Heath squiggled.’ And I went, ‘That’s the one I want.’”

Damon’s wife Barroso also has the tattoo on her foot.

“So we both have that,” he shared. “It’s like a little creative little blessing. It’s like an angel that looks over all these names that are on the arm.”