Dr. Phil McGraw voiced his opinions on COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories as he chatted to James Corden on Thursday’s “Late Late Show”.

McGraw, who is heading into the 20th season of his talk show next week, told the host: “I’ve talked to so many people who aren’t taking it because they think they’re being injected with a tracking device.

“Are you f**king kidding me?” he added, pointing out that the majority of people who have a phone have been being tracked since they were young.

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McGraw went on, “When you look that 90 per cent of the people that are dying are not vaccinated, do the math, this isn’t hard.

“This is not chess, it’s checkers. This is easy to figure out.”

He also said that it’s hard when you have certain family members refusing to get the vaccine, telling Corden: “I just try and say to people, ‘Look, it’s more than about you. Maybe you get the vaccine for other people and not for yourself. You get it so you don’t make other people ill.’

“But I do support getting the vaccination. I’ve gotten the vaccination. I support everybody getting the vaccination. And I hope people do.”

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During his interview, McGraw also spoke about recently celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary with wife Robin, as well as sharing details about the epic 71st birthday party she threw for him.

See more in the clip above.