Chlöe Bailey wants critics to focus on their bodies not hers.

Bailey, 23, one half of the musical duo Chloe x Halle, recently went solo as ‘Chlöe’, and just dropped her debut single “Have Mercy.” The accompanying music video released Friday is now causing a stir online.

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Her younger sibling, Halle posted a clip of the pair singing along to the new song on Twitter to celebrate the music video dropping.

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However, the racy video has been met with some criticism among fans who’ve questioned her outfit choices and her decision to show “so much skin.”

During an Instagram Q&A session, Bailey answered the question and said, “Because I can. It’s my body, and I’m so proud of it, and I hope you’re proud of yours too.”

In an interview with MTV News, where the star added, “Men can glorify ass in their videos, I want to do it with this in a really artful, fun, beautiful way. And I think it’s so great how women can claim ownership of their bodies and not let the world do it. We get to do it in the way that we want to, and it was really fun!

“I felt really pretty on the shoot days, and I look back, and I’m like, ‘that’s not the same person right here,’ but it was fun in the moment.”

Fans praised the singer online, “Have Mercy lived up to all the hype. Welcome to our new supreme #ChloeBailey.”

Another added, “Chloe Bailey is the future #HAVEMERCY #ChloeBailey.”

While others criticised the artist, “Have mercy is just another of a looooong list of example of Black women in pop music today being hypersexualized; from their clothes, to the lyrics, to the choreography,” wrote one critic.

Bailey is set to perform her debut solo act at the VMA’s Sunday 12 September.