The Spice Girls “Wannabe” back on the road again, according to Mel B.

The singer spoke out about the band’s plans for a 2023 tour during a TV appearance on Saturday, Sept. 11.

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When questioned about a potential reunion while presenting “Mel B’s Packed Lunch” on Channel 4, she said, “We did our last tour and Victoria respectfully ducked out, and you have to respect when someone doesn’t want to go on tour. I’m always pushing to have a Spice Girls reunion and we were in talks last year but then COVID hit so it pushed everybody’s plans.

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Revealing the timeframe that they have in mind, she continued, “I think we’re hopefully on the same page together. They’re going to kill me for saying this! We’re hoping, especially me – if it has anything to do with me, which it will have ’cause I’m the driving force and will make sure it happens – to tour in 2023!”

Mel B also revealed the nicknames she’d like to give to her fellow bandmates.

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She added, “Victoria has a crazy sense of humour, so she’d be Sarky Spice, as in sarcastic. Baby Spice is actually quite a raunchy sassy-pants, so she’d definitely be Lustful Spice. Melanie is a perfectionist, so it’s Perfect Spice. Geri, where do I start? Stop-wearing-white-and-wear-the-union-jack Spice. And me? I’d be Fabulous Spice!”