Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston are opening up about their strong friendship. 

While appearing on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the pair of actresses spoke about a recent Twitter debate involving Adam Sandler.

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Barrymore starred alongside the comedian in “50 First Dates”, while Aniston co-starred with him in “Murder Mystery”.


“Okay, so there was this Twitter debate that happened about who is a better partner for Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston or Drew Barrymore? Which sounds weird to say my name,” began Barrymore.

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“And what I loved that came out of that was that you and I chose each other,” she continued. 

Aniston replied, “Oh well that’s a no brainer. There’s the phrase the guys like to say bros before hoes.”

“Oh my God I was going to say hoes before bros,” Barrymore agreed. 

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The host added, “And that is sisterhood. And we have had that and you have that with your friends and we just celebrate that and I loved that that was the true answer.”

During their conversation, Aniston also explained why playing Alex on “The Morning Show” was such a cathartic experience for her.

“It was basically about just revisiting some of the shadows, blind spots that I put into a particular file and meeting them head on and actually releasing them,” she recalled. 

“It was like an extraordinary therapy, better than any actual therapist that I’ve been going to for years on end.”