Clint Eastwood doesn’t let aging bother him.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Eastwood, 91, insists, “I don’t look like I did at 20, so what?

“That just means there are more interesting guys you can play.”

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Eastwood has been promoting his new movie “Cry Macho”, which is set to be released September 17 in theatres and on HBO Max.

The star, whose acting credits date back to 1955, adds of approaching a role: “I never thought of acting as an intellectual sport.

“You don’t want to overthink something. You want it to be emotional.

“If you think about it too much, you can take it apart to the point where you don’t like it anymore. If you think about it four different ways, you forget what dragged you into it in the first place. It’s like somebody throwing a fast pitch across the plate. Just swing at it, step in, and go.”

Eastwood says of future projects, “I don’t have anything percolating at the moment… I didn’t have anything percolating before this one. If something comes along where the story itself, the telling of it, is fun, I’m open to it.”

He admits he sometimes feels a bit conflicted about acting at an advanced age, telling the publication: “What the hell am I still working for in my 90s? Are people going to start throwing tomatoes at you? I’ve gotten to the point where I wondered if that was enough, but not to the point where I decided it was. If you roll out a few turkeys, they’ll tell you soon enough.”

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Eastwood says he’s grateful “not to be still bagging groceries at 37 cents an hour,” telling the publication: “All through the Depression and the war, my growing-up years, my dad had all kinds of jobs… He worked at a Standard Oil station at the corner of Sunset and Pacific Coast Highway, it’s not there anymore, and I remember him telling my mother when I was just a little kid that some ancient actor or other had come in to get gasoline.

“I wonder if my dad would have liked to have been an actor or a singer. He had a good voice. He and another fellow would perform at parties, but none of those breaks ever came his way.

“I remember when I told my father I was dropping out of L.A. City College to train to be an actor at Universal with a six-month option. He said, ‘Don’t get too wrapped up in that, it could be really disappointing.’ I said, ‘I think it’s worth a try.’ But I always remember it could have gone the other way.”

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