Jennifer Aniston might be aware of some of the most-Googled questions about herself but Jimmy Kimmel focused on the least-searched ones on his show Monday.

Aniston, who has been busy promoting “The Morning Show” season 2, was asked during her interview: “Has Jennifer Aniston ever been to the Olive Garden?” to which the actress replied, “Yes, of course. Love it.”

Kimmel then questioned, “When it comes to men, what is Jennifer Aniston’s perfect amount of chest hair?”

Aniston replied: “Not a lot. Meaning not too much and not nothing.”

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Kimmel went on, “If Jennifer Aniston could make one of her body parts detachable, which one would it be?” as Aniston laughed: “My hair. That would make my life so easy.”

Other questions included, “What does Jennifer Aniston have against the Swedes?” and “Finally, this might be my favourite. Is Jennifer Aniston still married to Lester Holt?”

She laughed, “That’s not real. That’s a real question?” insisting she was going to Google it.

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Kimmel also mentioned that the “Friends” cast were up for an Emmy on Sunday for their recent reunion show.

“No, I will not be going,” she said, telling Kimmel that the special’s producer and director Ben Winston would most likely be attending.

Aniston added, “This is a big step for me to just be here. I’m just, like, baby steps.”

See more in the clip above.

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