Keke Palmer’s fans have some constructive criticism for the food served at this year’s Met Gala.

Palmer, 28, was on the star-studded guest list for this year’s gala and she did not disappoint. The “Strahan, Sara and Keke” host checked on her phone and engaged with fans while grabbing a bite at Sunday’s event.

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“Give us all the teaaaa! What’s on the menu?” one fan asked.

Palmer obliged and share a photo of her half-eaten plate.

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Palmer may have been joking but fans were nevertheless unimpressed.

Marcus Samuelsson — the restaurateur/chef who helped select the 10 up-and-coming chefs who created the Met Gala menu — has since jumped to the food’s defence.

Samuelsson told TMZ the food in Palmer’s snap was roasted mushrooms, tomato salad with corn and zucchini slices, adding it was about how it tasted and not necessarily how it looked.

He added he’d got great feedback following the sustainable, plant-based, three-course meal, which was in collaboration with Bon Appétit.

Other courses included a watermelon pumpkin salad, and guests were treated to an apple topped with chocolate mousse for dessert.