Cheryl Burke is opening up about the toll “Dancing With The Stars” has taken on her body.

The pro, 37, joined Tamron Hall on Monday’s edition of Global’s “Tamron Hall”, and got candid about the strain of dancing for most of her life. The new interview is part of Hall’s segment featuring several celebrities about “the cost of being famous.”

“You know as a dancer, especially as a woman, our career, it doesn’t last very long. The fact that I’m 37 and still sambaing out there and shimmying is pretty unheard of,” Burke said. “I’m not in the competitive level anymore, but still I also have to understand that I have arthritis in my body, you know, like, the pounding and pounding and pounding. [I’m] technically leading our sports players or whoever we’re dancing with, right?”

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And it isn’t just a physical strain.

“I also have body dysmorphia that I deal with as well that comes with the business that also came even before I moved here to Los Angeles. So there’s all that that I have to deal with,” she continued. “Then I have to think about — okay it’s not just me now it’s me and my husband, and what do we want for our future?”

She concluded, “I do know in my heart, I feel like 24 seasons is a huge accomplishment and I am grateful for that experience, but I’m not like these other girls who just had babies and can just bounce back. I know my body, but I also, more importantly, know my own mental health and if I have this body image issue that I’m dealing with, again, if this [points to her head] is not okay I can’t perform.”

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Burke has been a pro on “DWTS” for 24 seasons after joining in 2006, including the upcoming milestone 30th season. She even met her now-husband, Matthew Lawerence, on the series.

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