Kenny G is opening up about the “The Kenaissance”.

The saxophonist, who has recently collaborated with artists like The Weeknd and Kanye West, joined ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante to talk about the TIFF premiere of his new documentary, “Listening to Kenny G”.

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Speaking about how his music has evolved, Kenny said, “I mean, recently doing stuff with The Weeknd was amazing. I was really happy when I met him to find out that he really cares about his music the way I do mine.”

Continuing, “To be recognized by the young group like that, like him, Kanye, etc. It’s definitely a resurgence.”

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On past criticism of Kenny, director Penny Lane said, “I mean, I think it just it just shows that, like, you know, that the music itself, the sound of the music itself was never really the issue. Was it right. Because that sound, when divorced from any particular cultural context, is cool.”

Revealing how he remained unbothered by critics, Kenny added, “Here’s the thing, you can care but you shouldn’t let that affect what you do.”

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“So somebody said something bad about you. It might make you feel something but that doesn’t mean you have to act on it. So I never acted out. I never changed my approach to my music because I read a review.”