David Arquette once had an awkward encounter with Hugh Grant at an award show that made him realize the star of “The Undoing” didn’t have as much of a sense of humour about his infamous 1995 arrest as Arquette had anticipated.

In the latest edition of the “At Home with the Creative Coalition” podcast, Arquette recalled bumping into the actor at a Golden Globes party and revealed he owned an embarrassing piece of Grant’s past.

“I collect things, just, like, funny stuff,” Arquette explained. “And I came across the booking chair. It’s, like, where they have the numbers when you get arrested, you sit in it. And it was cool, because it was from the ‘40s or ‘50s or something, so it was like this cool-looking chair, and it was in the West Hollywood Police Department, so anybody who got arrested in West Hollywood would have had to sit in that chair.”

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Grant, of course, found himself in the headlines when he was arrested and charged with lewd conduct when a police officer caught him in the midst of his business transaction with sex worker Divine Brown on Sunset Boulevard.

“I was like, ‘Hey, excuse me, Hugh. This might sound strange, but I collect a lot of stuff, and I bought the booking chair where you got arrested, and, I don’t know, you could have it if you’d like, so you could, like, have your friends take pictures in it. I don’t know,'” Arquette recounted.

Grant’s response, however, wasn’t what he’d expected.

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“He goes, ‘Oh, really. Well isn’t that wonderful.’ And I was like, ‘Oops, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…’” said Arquette.

Shortly after, Arquette ran into the late Heath Ledger, and related what had just happened.

According to Arquette, “I’d met Heath a few times, and he was a really cool guy, and I was like, ‘Oh, man, I’m so embarrassed, I just went to offer Hugh Grant his booking chair and he got really upset.’ And he goes ‘Oh don’t worry, guy’s a prick.’”