Rose McGowan has been campaigning for controversial Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder in the California recall election, due to her claims that Jennifer Siebel Newsom — ex-wife of the state’s current governor, Gavin Newsom — attempted to silence her from speaking about about her rape allegations against now-imprisoned movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan will discuss her allegations in an appearance on Tuesday’s edition of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

According to a sneak peek at the appearance, McGowan explains why Siebel Newsom’s alleged actions motivated her to switch party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

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“Finally, I had to come to the point where I’m not a Democrat because everybody who has systematically traumatized, terrorized, harassed, stalked, and stolen from me, during my time in California and in Hollywood has been a Democrat,” she tells Carlson in a clip from the episode, shared with ET Canada.

McGowan also explains her support of Elder and why she chose to campaign for him.

“Do I agree with him on all points? No. So what? He is the better candidate, he is the better man,” she says.

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“I think my opponents do not understand my motivations at all. They’ve tried to buy me off every way. In fact, Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife before the Weinstein story broke — because they knew I was coming because, I was hitting out for like three years of Hollywood very publicly in the press,” she adds.

As McGowan reiterated, she’d been publicly speaking out about Weinstein — once a major Democratic donor — years before Ronan Farrow’s award-winning New Yorker article that kicked off the tsunami of accusations that ultimately led to his rape conviction.

“And so people all of a sudden acted like I just spoke up the first day they read about Weinstein,” she said. “I’m like, no, I’ve been rattling their cages because I had to train people in the media to listen to me differently.”

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McGowan’s interview can be seen in its entirety on the Tuesday, Sept. 14 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.