Ryan Murphy, exec producer of TV hits ranging from “Glee” to “American Horror Story” to “Pose”, has a new show in the works that promises to bring fresh frights to the small screen.

Titled “The Watcher”, the series is based on a 2018 piece in The Cut about a married couple who move into their new home in a New Jersey suburb, where they begin receiving threatening handwritten notes alleged to be from the home’s longtime guardian.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Watts revealed that the account of the true story is a big reason why she signed on.

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“Yeah, that article is so freaky. That’s what got me in!” Watts said of the series, in which she co-stars with Bobby Cannavale.

“I’m only just now getting into prep, we’re going to start shooting soon. It’s exciting, I can’t say much more,” she added.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Ryan, he seems to have the Midas touch,” Watts pointed out, referencing her prior roles in such fright-fests as “The Ring” and “Shut In”. “It’s a genre that you know I love.”