Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Nicki Minaj and her tweet about her cousin’s friend and the COVID-19 vaccine that’s been doing the rounds online during his show Tuesday.

Minaj had everybody talking Monday after telling fans how she would not be attending the Met Gala because she’s not yet had the vaccine.

She went on to post:

The likes of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Piers Morgan and more were among those responding to Minaj’s tweet, urging her to not spread false information.

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Kimmel then addressed the messages during his monologue, joking of Minaj’s cousin’s friend in Trinidad: “The poor guy’s sitting at home on his couch, TV dinner resting on his nuts, and now he’s famous,” suggesting it was simply a coincidence that he’d had the vaccine and then his testicles became swollen.

The host went on, “By the way, if anyone can track down this friend of Nicki’s cousin, I would really like to talk to him.”

Minaj replied: “He’s willing to talk for the right price. I’m his manager. Call me, Jimmy.”

The rapper previously posted: