Anderson Cooper says dad life is so nice he wants to have twice as much.

Cooper, 54, welcomed his son Wyatt Morgan by surrogate on April 27, 2020. In a new interview, the “60 Minutes” correspondent gushes over baby Wyatt and expresses his interest in having more children.

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“He’s just so happy and giggly,” Cooper tells People. “Being there when he wakes up and taking him out of the crib, it’s just the best. I suddenly think, like, Oh my God, there’s going to be a time when he won’t let me kiss his face all over or hold his hand, even.

“I would [have more kids], definitely. It would certainly be nice for Wyatt to have a sibling.”

The “Anderson Cooper 360” host handles parenting duties with his ex-partner Benjamin Maisani. Cooper applauded his former longtime boyfriend for his commitment to parenting.

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“We’re exes but we’re family to each other, and we love each other as family and as co-parents. There’s the usual bickering that any two people have when there’s a kid involved, like ‘What time should he go to swimming class?’ or ‘Should he wear the overalls?’ or whatever.

“But all silly, minor things. We get along great. I’ve always believed that if you’ve been with somebody and that ends in terms of an intimate relationship, if you love somebody there’s no reason why that love shouldn’t continue.”