Jennifer Lopez is sharing some of her favourite beauty secrets for that post-sweat glow.

In a new video shared on the JLo Beauty YouTube page, Lopez gives fans all her tips for a fresh face after working out.

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According to the “Hustlers” star, 52, her first step is a clean face.

“After I work out and I am a little sweaty and dirty, I take my cleanser, it is made to take off all the makeup, dirt and oils,” she explained, revealing her JLo Beauty line helps clear the sweat.

Lopez also gave some advice on how she always feels her best.

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“I can’t leave the house without lip gloss and mascara, and honestly I put the booster on my cheeks too, yeah I put it on, I want to look good when I look into the mirror,” she said. “I have to motivate myself, I wear a cute outfit.”

The JLo Beauty’s Instagram is full of beauty advice, in fact, Lopez shared her exact routine for her Met Gala glam glow.