Welcome to Justin Timberlake’s new bar and restaurant in Nashville.

Timberlake teamed up with restaurateur Sam Fox and design firm AvroKO to piece together the 10-time Grammy-winner’s new establishment, Honky Tonk — Twelve Thirty Club. New photos of Timberlake’s lux project were published by Architectural Digest.

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Justin Timberlake's Nashville bar and restaurant
Justin Timberlake’s Nashville bar and restaurant. Photo: Seth Parker

“Thought and consideration went into every aspect of the building — from architecture and lighting to how guests will interact and feel in each area,” the “SexyBack” singer told the publication over email. “After seeing the finished Supper Club, I think we nailed creating a space that will provide an exciting experience people will not only enjoy but want to revisit.”

Twelve Thirty Club covers 38,000 square feet of space and has three floors. It boasts two restaurants and five bars. Each floor has a distinct design. The Supper Club, a 400-seat restaurant, sits at the top and boasts notes of orange, red and gold. It has two private dining rooms and a large central stage for live music. It also has a rooftop bar.

Then there is Honorary Member, a cocktail bar that doubles private party venue. Despite the name, the Honorary Member is open to all.

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The first floor is Honky Tonk, which boasts a more traditional design with wood flooring and highlights of green and gold.

Honky Tonk is open now. The rooftop bar launched on Sept. 9 and Supper Club will be available to the public starting Sept. 28.