Halle Berry has a lot in common with her character in “Bruised”, despite what others might think.

In a new interview with The New York Times to promote the upcoming film, which she stars in and directs, the Oscar-winning actress, 55, opened up about the similar “hardships” she and her character have faced in their lives.

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According to Berry, who plays martial arts fighter Jackie Justice, she “loved” the film “because fighting is something that I just know so much about on a personal level and on a career level. I understand what it is to fight and not be heard… I understand the trauma of life that makes one want to fight, need to fight, have to fight.”

“This is another battle I fought my whole life,” Berry continued. “That because I look a certain way that I’ve been spared any hardship. I’ve had loss and pain and a lot of hurt in my life. I’ve had abuse in my life… I get really frustrated when people think because I look a certain way that I haven’t had any of those real-life experiences because I absolutely have.”

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Berry previously opened up about being a “victim of domestic violence” during the 2015 unite4:humunity gala, as per E! News, telling the audience, “I wasn’t married to a man that beat me up, but my mother was.”

“Bruised” hits big screens on Nov. 17.