Shawn Mendes is looking back at his time during quarantine.

The Canadian singer addressed the many, many photos of him and girlfriend Camila Cabello on walks during lockdown to the “Spout” podcast and his morning routine when they got home.

“It was nice. It really became so important to just walk around,” he said. “It was nice to feel a part of a home and have that daily routine like that.”

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Mendes also had his caffeine fix on top of getting his exercise.

“I was getting really into the coffee mug,” he said. “I was like waking up in the morning and I was like, ‘What? Which coffee mug am I today? I was getting really technical about it and it was just like everything to me. You know, it was my home. I would go to bed super excited for that moment.”

And if putting out his newest album Summer of Love wasn’t time consuming enough, Mendes took up archery thanks to “Game Of Thrones”.

“It was the most I’ve ever enjoyed watching TV in my life,” he said of the show and that finale. “So I’m not going to sit here and talk s**t about the final show because in the grand scheme of things that show was mind-blowing.”

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As for the archery, he added, “I think the real reality is that I struggle to put down the guitar and figure out what to do besides my job and besides music. I’m just completely obsessed with it.”