Sofia Vergara warned she’d get her revenge on Simon Cowell after his “America’s Got Talent” prank, and she wasn’t kidding.

Vergara put together an incredible plan that aired during Wednesday’s finale, with all four judges and Terry Crews heading to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas to promote the upcoming “AGT” Las Vegas Live event.

Vergara worked with a sculptor who created busts for her, Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Crews. However, only Cowell’s was horrendous, the rest were spot on.

Cowell cut the ribbon to unveil the special surprise at the event, which he was told was being livestreamed around the world. Vergara had also hired a fake director.

He then said after seeing his bust, “Honestly the worst thing I’ve ever seen… This is embarrassing.”

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After the media mogul was asked to say a few words, he told the crowd, who pretended to be shocked, “I will happily pay whatever your name is to redo this because this is not going in the lobby at the Luxor.”

He later insisted as everyone acted surprised, “I was kidding, I love it,” questioning whether they were really live to viewers around the world.

Vergara then gave a fake speech at the event, before saying that’s what he got for “messing with a Colombian.”

Cowell grinned, “Sofia Vergara… I hate you, and this will never be seen on TV.”

He later said on “AGT”: “Revenge is sweet,” as Vergara insisted: “Now we’re even!”

The prank comes after Cowell brought back “comedy danger act” Ryan Stock and Amberlynn Walker to trick Vergara into thinking she’d shot him in the chest with an arrow after being blindfolded.