Orlando Bloom loves a good paddle boarding, but this one was scarier than most.

The actor shared a clip of himself out on his board in Malibu recently, with his friend capturing an aerial video of a great white shark swimming beside him.

Despite the dangerous situation, Bloom appeared to stay calm and continued to paddle along seemingly without a care in the world.

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The man who took the video, who goes by the name the Malibu Artist on Instagram, wrote in his own post: “In this clip, I filmed @orlandobloom next to a nicely sized juvenile white shark.

“The opportunity to share some of my knowledge with Orlando, knowledge I’ve gained from the many scientists I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to and work with, was a highlight of my day. In the end, the real stars of the sea are the sharks. But having Legolas himself nearby. That’s pretty cool!”

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Bloom’s fiancée Katy Perry joked in his comments section: “Next time go out and put some peanut butter on babe.”