Billie Eilish is discussing her change in confidence.

The 19-year-old music superstar got candid about self-belief on Thursday’s episode of Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”. 

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“There’s a moment in your concert where you snap your ankle,” said Barrymore. “You walk off stage and you come out and this is one of the reasons why I’m so in love with you. You say, ‘Look, I just want to do it a certain way.’ And people don’t know how to usually be so honest in those moments. How do you just say it like it is?”

“I’ve always been very, very strong-willed and honest, which I think is like a blessing and a curse,” admitted Eilish. “The funny thing is that the older I’ve gotten, the less confident I’ve gotten.”

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She continued, “I rewatched the doc a few weeks ago, and it made me cry because I was thinking how free-spirited I was and how open-minded I was and then it’s like the media just, like, tears it away from you. And it’s like it’s not fun right now, so I’m trying to.. I’m figuring it out.”

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“Believe me, I get it,” replied Barrymore. “I have such faith that you will because even when you are struggling, you are aware of the struggle.”

Eilish also explained why she has an issue with the word “fans”.

“I think that the reason that it was so weird to me was because one moment I was a fan and then suddenly I was looked at as this like higher-up, even when I was 14,” she recalled. 

“These kids that I feel like I already know were suddenly like, ‘Oh, they are Billie’s fans and then there is Billie.’ So that’s why it was so weird to me because I think of them like literally as my skin, like part of me and how I get through stuff. They always have my back. They are fans just as much as I am a fan but that doesn’t make them any less than me or anybody else.”

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