Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will stay put at the “Jeopardy!” podium through 2021.

The show announced on Thursday that Bialik (“Big Bang Theory”) and former contestant Jennings will split hosting duties for the remainder of the calendar year. Bialik will host between Monday, Sept. 20, and Nov. 5. Bialik and Jennings will then split the responsibility based on their schedules.

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Ken Jennings
Ken Jennings. Photo: Mayim Bialik — Ken Jennings

Former executive producer Mike Richards was tabbed to succeed the late Alex Trebek full time on “Jeopardy!” He stepped down after five episodes amid criticism over offensive comments made in the past and a 2010 wrongful termination lawsuit.

Season 38 of “Jeopardy!” premiered on Sept. 13 and is set to conclude on July 29.