It was Billie Eilish’s dream to contribute to the James Bond legacy before she even really knew it was.

Eilish, 19, contributed the Grammy-winning song “No Time To Die” to the impending movie of the same name. The industry-shaking artist shared her relationship with the “Bond” franchise and how her contribution was pieced together.

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“It’s always been a subconscious thing we wanted to do. I remember years ago Finneas wrote something and my mum being like ‘Oh my god that sounds like Bond’ and we’d all be so excited,” Eilish recently told James King for “The Official James Bond Podcast” via the Daily Mail, calling it “a dream we never thought would happen.”

“The melodies and writing of the song was a little different,” she explained. “We really wanted to represent Bond and not just be like ”f**k that we’re gonna make it our own thing…’ We kept our own thing in there, but we wanted to honour ‘Bond’ and the songs in the past.”

It was important to Eilish to respect the film franchise’s legacy when delivering its soundtrack.

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“You can’t do a Bond song without it sounding like a Bond song. If you listen closely you can hear the *hums Bond theme* in the second verse. It’s very subtle,” she explained. “I’ve been watching the opening scene from ‘Skyfall’ for years. When we were making this song we kept watching it over and over again. The whole time we were making it I was just thinking about the beginning.”

“No Time To Die” stars Daniel Craig as Agent 007 and premieres on Sept. 28 at Royal Albert Hall followed by its U.K. wide release on Sept. 30. It rappels into North American theatres beginning Oct. 8.